Amazing Fashion Secrets for Men


Most people would admit that they feel more confident when they look good and it’s always worth making an effort, whether you’re heading to the office or getting ready for a date or night on the town. If you’re a fashion fan or you long to pull of the looks you see in magazines such as GQ, Vogue or Esquire, here are some fabulous fashion secrets: Never overlook the details Although it may seem minor, the key to a good look is often in the … [Read more...]

Orthodontic Treatment for Adults in Full Time Employment

The last thing you want to be worrying about when you’ve got a busy job is braces and thankfully, there are a host of options open to orthodontic patients nowadays, including incredibly discreet treatments, which straighten the teeth without anyone else even being aware that you’re undergoing treatment. Many adults worry about having braces because they have a stigma attached and they are usually associated with teenagers; however, adult … [Read more...]

Student Accommodation: A Rough Guide

Student halls

The student life really is the good life, and an important part of making the most of your experience as a student is finding the right place to live. Yet choosing where to live during your studies can sometimes seem a bit of a daunting prospect, whether you’re a first year student leaving home for the first time or even a mature student unsure of the best type of accommodation to go for. Here’s a quick guide to the main types of accommodation on … [Read more...]

8 Health Habits to Teach Your Kids


It’s never too early to learn about the importance of health and making positive lifestyle choices and research shows that children who adopt healthy habits at a young age are less likely to develop health problems later in life. Health is something that should never be taken for granted and while sometimes it’s impossible to avoid illness, there are often steps you can take to improve your chances of staying healthy for as long as possible. Here … [Read more...]

Boost your self-confidence in three easy steps

Self-confidence is so important and it plays a role in the day to day life of every person on the planet. Confidence can give you the wings to fly, but it can also really hold you back if you don’t have enough belief in yourself. Often, confidence is closely linked to body image, but there are many other factors, which can affect confidence levels, such as relationships with other people, success at work or school and upbringing. Boosting … [Read more...]